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Emerald Water

The source
The natural mineral water Smeraldina was born in Sardinia, an island known in the world for its natural beauty, for its ancient traditions and for the high number of centenarians. The spring is located in Tempio Pausania, in Gallura, far from large cities, industries and other sources of pollution, where the air is made clear and fresh by constant winds, so strong as to bend the oaks and shape the rocks. Smeraldina flows here, three hundred meters deep, in the pristine heart of a mountain that was considered sacred by the ancients: the Monti di Deu, the Mountain of God. The purest and most compact granite on the planet filters it and enriches it with a very long natural process, giving it exceptional properties.

Respect for the environment
The quality of the Smeraldina product is mainly due to the pure and uncontaminated territory in which it is born. Respect for the environment is everything for the A.L.B S.p.A. Also for this reason, it supports awareness-raising projects, especially aimed at young people and schools. It is engaged in continuous recycling initiatives. He pays the utmost attention to the choice of materials. Wash the bottles with a natural solution of ozone created by the water itself and then rinse them with high-pressure mineral water. Apply labels with vegetable glue. In addition, in the production process nothing goes to waste, thanks to the quality management system that coordinates all business processes, and as many as 66% of glass bottles are reused with the returnable vacuum system, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. It is no coincidence that the institutional color has always been green.

The founder
The A.L.B S.p.A and the Smeraldina brand were created in 1985, and are the result of the long experience of a brilliant entrepreneur, Giovanni Maria Solinas. Born in 1926, he was still a little boy when he started selling home-made soft drinks profitably. And in 1955, with his wife, he made and produced the first real bottle: the Plubium.

The Solinas family
Experience, passion for work, deep respect for precious water, for consumers and collaborators are some of the many values that the founder, Giovanni Maria Solinas, has transmitted to his five sons, Mauro, Riccardo, Marco, Nicola and Antonio. Values that, together with an innovative managerial orientation, make today the A.L.B S.p.A. a model of efficiency and excellence.


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